Afghanistan Journalists Support Organization Expresses Concern Over Arbitrary Detentions of Journalists in different provinces of Afghanistan

The Afghanistan Journalists Support Organization (AJSO) highlights the unlawful detentions of eight journalists, including Ataullah Omar and Wahid Rahman Afghanmal from Kandahar, Faqir Mohammad Faqirzai and Jan Agha Saleh from Nangarhar, Parviz Charkhand from Kunar, Haseeb Hassas from Kunduz, Habibullah Sarab from Paktia, and Sayed Wahdat Ebadali from Ghazni.

AJSO calls upon the interim Taliban government to immediately release these journalists and ensure their safety and protection. The AJSO further emphasizes the importance of preventing unwarranted arrests and detentions, which can impede the fundamental values of freedom of expression and the vital role of journalism in society.

The organization extends its call for action beyond national borders, urging international communities, human rights advocates, and media entities worldwide to unite in demanding the release of these journalists. It underscores the significance of diplomatic efforts and responsible advocacy to uphold the principles of free speech and a free press.

The AJSO is committed to its duty and mission and vows to amplify the voices of these detained journalists on international platforms, advocating for their immediate release and seeking justice for the undue hardships they face.