The Afghanistan Journalists Support Organization Concern Over the Ilegal Arrest of Journalists in Afghanistan!


Some media published reports about the arrest of several journalists, that journalists are still being arrested, imprisoned and abducted by the de-facto rulers of the country contrary to all international standards, and the fate of some of them is still not clear even after a long time.
In a recent incident, Mr. Ahmad Jawad Rasouli, the owner of the “Gardish-e-Etilaat” news agency, and Mr. Abdulhaq Hamidi, the manager of same news agency, were arrested on unknown charges. There is no news of their whereabouts and their families are in great concern!

Such arrests are contrary to the promises the Taliban made on the eve of their return that engagement with journalists will be done through separate legal mechanisms and the media violations investigation commission. But despite this promise, there is no media commission nor there are laws that define the legal treatment of journalists.

AJSO organization is heavily concerned about this situation and while condemning the illegal arrests of these two journalists it emphasizes on their immediate release. The organization calls on all international and human rights institutions to be vocal and take action to free all imprisoned journalists.

Unfortunately, journalists and media activists based in Afghanistan face serious threats and vulnerability more than other regions of the world; They do not have independence, right to expression, financial support, and the possibility of informing the people.
Censorship and restrictions have plagued them and all professional journalists day by day, and with the continuation of such a situation, Afghanistan will turn into a completely dark region in terms of freedom of expression and access to information.

The organization will try to support by raising the voice of all imprisoned, arrested and censored journalists and follow up on and clarify their legal status. This endeavor will continue until the release of all colleagues.


The Afghanistan Journalists Support Organization