The announcement of the Organization for the Support of Afghan Journalists regarding the increase in violence and the arrest of journalists in Afghanistan

International Day of Impunity for Crimes Against Journalists is being celebrated, while violence against journalists, media restrictions, and censorship before publishing have increased sharply.

According to the new UNAMA report, more than 200 cases of human rights violations against journalists have been registered in Afghanistan since August 2021. In the latest case, Niaz Mohammad Khaksar, a young reporter of Efreq Radio and TV, was severely beaten by armed men and is currently undergoing treatment in the hospital.

At the same time, Kabul News TV has stopped broadcasting its programs due to increased restrictions and pressures. With the blocking of this media, about sixty journalists have become unemployed or lost their jobs.

Previously, there were news of bans, restrictions, unfavorable working conditions, disappearance, imprisonment and beating of journalists.

Some time ago, 6 journalists of Tolo TV left their duties and fled abroad due to increased restrictions and threats.

This is while the caretaker government is talking about the implementation of the mass media law, but in practice what it is doing is against the law and international conventions.

The Organization for the Protection of Afghan Journalists expresses its concern about such incidents and is determined to take necessary measures in this regard in dialogue with relevant international organizations.

While wishing a speedy recovery for Mr. Khaksar, we ask the responsible authorities to take a principled approach to his case and we also want to remove as soon as possible all the restrictions and pressures that will force the well-known media of Afghanistan to stop broadcasting as soon as possible. .

The organization will share the possible steps of legal-union proceedings for all these incidents with the journalists.

Organization for the support of Afghan journalists