Fight for Education: Perspectives of Afghan Women Journalists!

“Fight for Education” was the title of a program organized by the Afghanistan Journalists Support Organization (AJSO), Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan (CW4WAfghan), and The Liberty Coalition.
The program was held online and featured speakers such as Rina Amiri, U.S, Special envoy for Afghan Women, Heather McPherson, MP and member of the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Development, Freshta Hemmati, the CEO of the Afghanistan Journalists’ Support Organization (AJSO), Shogofa Danish, an Ottawa-based digital broadcast journalist with Global News and board member of Advocacy committee for women of AJSO, and Wahida Ahmadi a female journalist from Afghanistan.
Each speaker provided information about the distressing situation of women in Afghanistan and discussed their programs aimed at improving the situation and putting pressure on the Afghan authorities. The participants considered the deprivation of women from education, employment, and social, cultural, and political activities unacceptable. They called on the international communities, supporting organizations, and human rights institutions to utilize all necessary means to address various restrictions on women, particularly in education and employment.
The participants of this program found the presence of prominent and influential guests valuable and requested the organizers to create more conducive platforms for such discussions. Women journalists described the detrimental effects of these deprivations and restrictions, highlighting their deep understanding of the situation.
The Afghanistan Journalists Support Organization has been conducting advocacy programs in various fields, especially in the areas of journalism, education, and human rights. These programs have raised the voice of the Afghan people internationally.