Happy World Radio Day – February 13


World Radio Day comes amidst ongoing restrictions imposed on radio broadcasts in Afghanistan for two years now, resulting in the loss of jobs for numerous radio journalists, paralleling the challenges faced by mainstream media journalists. The current situation hinders their ability to truly represent the voice of the country’s citizens.

On this occasion, the Afghanistan Journalists Support Organization extends congratulations to all esteemed journalists while urging the current government to lift the existing restrictions on all media, especially radio and radio journalists, and stop hampering the freedom of expression and media.

According to statistics released by media support institutions, 438 radio stations were active in the country before the fall of the republic government. However, with the return of the current government, over 50% of these stations have ceased broadcasting.

Recognizing radio’s paramount importance in Afghanistan’s media landscape, we appeal to national and international supporting institutions to prioritize the revival of audio media activities and persuade the current government to refrain from imposing further restrictions on Afghan media and journalists.

AJSO remains committed to advocating for and supporting the rights of our fellow journalists and the Afghan media family.

Afghanistan Journalists Support Organization