Declaration of Afghan Journalists Support Organization regarding the violent operations of the Pakistani police against Afghan refugees

The Afghanistan Journalists Support Organization (AJSO) is deeply concerned about the illegal behavior of the Pakistani police towards Afghan refugees and journalists residing in Pakistan. Reports indicate that the police are entering the houses of Afghans in Islamabad, Peshawar, and other cities and demanding proof of residency. Many Afghan refugees and journalists have reported being threatened and mistreated.

Following the fall of Afghanistan, many Afghans sought refuge in Pakistan to escape the dangerous political climate. However, obtaining and renewing residency documents has proven to be a difficult and nearly impossible task. This has given the Pakistani police an excuse to intimidate, arrest, and unlawfully enter the homes of Afghans, resulting in theft and demands for money during administrative proceedings. Families have even spent nights in parks and streets to avoid being caught.

These actions violate international immigration agreements and conventions that Pakistan has signed. The AJSO urges the Pakistani government to prioritize human rights and adhere to international conventions rather than politicizing humanitarian issues. Additionally, the organization calls on the United Nations, UNHCR, international human rights organizations, media institutions in Pakistan, and Pakistani civil and human rights groups to intervene and prevent further inhumane actions by the Pakistani government.

The AJSO is dedicated to representing the voices of oppressed citizens and will continue to advocate for an end to these illegal actions until they are stopped. We implore Afghan and international media outlets to highlight the dire situation of Afghan refugees in Pakistan and bring the attention of relevant institutions to this issue.

Afghanistan Journalists’ Support Organization