AJSO Concern Over Illegal Arrests of Journalists in Afghanistan


Following his arrest in Parwan province yesterday, Nada Mohammad Noori, a provincial reporter for the state TV under Taliban rule, has been released today.

In condemning such illegal and unjust arrests, we earnestly urge the current rulers to respect the freedom of expression of journalists and unconditionally release all imprisoned journalists.

The Afghanistan Journalists Support Organization calls upon all international institutions and human rights organizations to raise their voices and take action to secure the freedom of all imprisoned journalists.

Regrettably, journalists and media activists in the country face more serious threats and vulnerabilities than counterparts in other regions of the world. They lack independence, the right to express themselves, economic support, and the ability to inform the public. Censorship and restrictions persist, impacting all professional journalists daily. If this situation continues, Afghanistan risks becoming a dark area in terms of freedom of expression and access to information.

AJSO remains committed to advocating for all imprisoned journalists and monitoring their legal status. Our efforts will persist until the release of all our colleagues.

Afghanistan Journalists Support Organization