The conversation of the leadership members of AJSO organization with Afghan journalists in India

On October 31 of this year, the leading members of the Organization for the Support of Afghan Journalists had a video conference with the Afghan journalists who are living in India.

In this video conference, which was attended by Hamed Obedi and Mohammad Zubid Alamiar on behalf of AJSO organization and a number of Afghan journalists in India, Hamed Obedi, the head of this organization, first informed the participants about the activities and functions of this organization and added: AJSO organization As an organization supporting journalists, it tries to record your problems and raise them to organizations supporting journalists in India and other global organizations.

Obidi stated that during the past few months, in order to deal with the problems of journalists in Afghanistan and third countries, this organization has had regular calls and meetings with organizations that support journalists, especially RSF, and while stating all the problems, they have asked these organizations to resolve The problems of these journalists should take practical steps.

In the following, Sediq Yousefzai, Seifur Rahman Atel, Farhad Haqyar, Soheila Sama and Khalid Noorzad spoke on behalf of these journalists and stated that after the fall of the republic and especially in the past year, some individuals and organizations, from the name and The position of the journalists involved them in the process of evacuation.

According to these journalists, although India is a safe country; But there is no prospect of life and work for them and their families, and they have been living in a state of uncertainty and desperation for several years now.

These journalists criticized the neglect of journalist support institutions and some international organizations such as UNHCR and stated that these organizations did not even respond positively to their emails and did not address their problems.

After listening to the words of these journalists, Mohammad Zubaid Alamiar, a member of the leadership of this organization, noted all their problems and emphasized that cohesion and coordination among all Afghan journalists is necessary, and because of this situation, the Organization for the Support of Afghan Journalists, He will share the issue with the relevant institutions.