The First Symposium on Freedom of Speech for Afghanistan

Berlin, September 29, 2023

With great pleasure and a profound sense of purpose, we announce the forthcoming “Freedom of Speech for Afghanistan” symposium hosted by the Afghanistan Journalists Support Organization (AJSO). This landmark event will convene a distinguished assembly of international organizations, renowned journalists, and both national and international media activists united in their commitment to safeguarding and championing freedom of speech.

The symposium will serve as a vital platform for deliberations, embracing the collective wisdom of both international and national institutions fervently dedicated to safeguarding journalists’ rights and preserving freedom of speech. Augmented by the participation of journalism experts and specialists, our symposium will address the multifaceted challenges confronting Afghan journalists both within and beyond Afghanistan’s borders. Key discussion topics include:

1. The Prospects of Freedom of Speech in Afghanistan: Navigating Current Challenges.
2. A Poignant Documentary Chronicling the Afghanistan Media Industry Post-2021.
3. An Illuminating Photo Exhibition Depicting the State of Media in Afghanistan.
4. Journalists in Exile: Unveiling Opportunities and Challenges.
5. Discuss establishing a News Agency Led by Afghan Journalists in Exile to cover Afghan-related news.

AJSO remains steadfast in its commitment to the cherished principles of freedom of speech and is dedicated to seeking holistic solutions to alleviate the predicaments faced by Afghan journalists.