The Afghanistan Journalists Support Organization (AJSO) held its first in-person symposium titled “Freedom of Expression for Afghanistan” in the city of Berlin, Germany, with the participation of many Afghan journalists and over 15 international organizations supporting journalists.


This symposium, attended by Afghan journalists from various European countries, primarily focused on the current status of journalism and information dissemination. It aimed to discuss and exchange ideas on how to preserve the achievements of the past two decades in the field of freedom of expression.

During this symposium, experts and journalists described the state of freedom of expression and journalism in Afghanistan as precarious. They emphasized that the global community, especially international media supporting organizations defending journalists rights, should pay more serious attention to the plight of Afghan journalists and freedom of expression in Afghanistan.

In the meantime, the international organizations present at the symposium expressed their commitment to working jointly with AJSO to defend the values of freedom of expression.

In conclusion, the participants, in addition to addressing the challenges facing Afghan journalists, also focused on the situation of the Afghanistan media and once again called upon international media supporting organizations to collaborate with journalists and media activists in Afghanistan and European countries to create job opportunities and provide support as specialized mentors for Afghanistan’s media professionals.